Augmented Reality technology and experiences

Octosense redefines what is possible when it comes to AR experiences.
We develop solutions for the challenges associated with creating a true mixed reality.

Lifelike interactive digital humans, digital doubles and characters specifically for augmented reality applications.
augmented reality applications for real objects and places, adding functionality and engagement.
Real-time 3d shading solution tailored for mixed reality applications on untethered mobile devices.
New shading workflow and tools for mixed reality developers and content creators.

smoodji augmented reality messaging

Level up and reshape your instant messaging experience. Select from one of the 3D animations and embed your face and voice to create a personalized and animated 3D Emoji and bring it to life into the real world with the magic of Augmented Reality.

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Augmented Reality artist performance

Demo of lifelike interactive digital artist performance. This demo showcases one of the immediate possible applications for Mixed Reality. We have brought to life a highly realistic, detailed character who performs, while being rendered purely in real time on untethered mobile devices.

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Engagement and manufacturing

A key new perspective for product manufacturing. Mixed reality engagement enriches product experience.

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Groundbreaking real time shading

Empowering mobile game artists and mixed reality content developers

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Mixed Reality

Using the lighting from real environment on virtual object. For true emerging.

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